Business book 101: How To Make The Most Of Mobile Apps To Grow Your Business

If your newly launched business venture has not yet considered experimenting with millennials-worshiped mobile app development, you need to step your game! Having colossal web presence alone is no longer just a mere obligation, as online activity continues to shift to mobiles, it’s moreover becoming the new need of the hour for every business venture out there to grab a share of the wholesome package!
Certainly, business apps have become too important a marketing tool for business owners to do without. Statistical results have announced that the average urban Indian spends approximately 90 percent time on the internet devoted to using apps. Evidently, the average person now spends as much time glaring at this device as sleeping even, thus making it completely relevant for businessmen to try this fortune of advertisement media.
Attracting a loyal customer base:
Considering the enormous increase in use of mobile phones, it is certain that the most convenient way to reach mass audience is through social media. Eye-catching content, be it witty, humorous or just informative, helps in attracting customer attention thus giving companies a chance to interact with customers and build future visitors and buyers. Business apps give clarity about general information, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, helplines and much more, making it super customer friendly!. Business apps are a way of getting closer to your target audience. We at Expetal help you conceptualize your business according to the trend. Know our services now!

Witness branding:
Be it a witty tagline or an eye-catching logo! Once it catches customer attention, it is going to be retained for long. Consumers take notice of advertisements on popular social sites, and considering the enormous increase in online shopping, it works super fine. It offers an advantage against the competitors who are yet to adopt this strategy. If you thinking about an instant brand growthand recognition, creating a mobile business application is a great way to improve your branding and overall reputation. It is easy to create an app and there are various app development companies. Check out the methods used by us for branding building.
Zero Labour woes:
Business apps lead to virtual engagement with customers, and requires way less effort than face to face communication. It boosts repeated visits, gives customers space to gain clarity over doubts and permit an enormous array of online transactions including online promotions, and ecommerce transactions, without a need of further third party involvement. One could be in regular contact with previous customers by delivering loyalty coupons and sending announcements to build your sales with customers, without needing a lot of manpower. Small business apps can give you a huge return without much of a manpower.
Improving Customer Welfare:
The core of Business application lies in customer supportive accessibility. FAQ’s and many other producers need one time input, while serving to an array of customer doubts at a go. Customers won’t need to track down your helpline every time when, the help is just a swipe away. Notably, the information you’d like to provide to your customers – including special sales and promotions – is right at their fingertips making it incredibly suitable for businessmen who believe in smart work.
Standing Out Among Competitors:
These days many startup ventures fail to achieve social media presence, and this is where you can take a big leap ahead of your competitors. Startups like to play it safe, not considering the enormous opportunities it can open for you. Take the high road and give your customers an app, they’d be astonished by your forward-thinking approach, while making sure your startup is going high roads. Small business apps would excite the customers and induce the customer to download the app.
Still, business owners still think that involving mobile businessapplication could be expensive and difficult. The need to build different apps for the various platforms customers are on – iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, may seem like a task on the outside, but it ensures stable growth, as the information is fed only once.
The smart businessman knows the extraordinary potential of mobile app development; certainly, when catering for the young is in mind, one can’t turn away from this abundance of opportunity. Are you ready? After all, it’s just a click away!

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