Learn how to find the best payment gateway provider for a smoother transaction!

For starters, a payment gateway is identical to that of a card swiping device. Let’s say in a retail store you purchase a shampoo by swiping your card; to purchase the same shampoo online instead of cash or swiping your card you need to use a payment gateway which is a secure, direct link between a bank and a website.

With new eCommerce sites being launched everyday they need to be equipped with the latest tools which can ensure a smooth transaction while making the customers and owner’s life easier. So how do you choose a payment gateway integration for your website?

I would suggest instead of searching for payment gateway India ( just an example ) on Google, understand as to whether your business is seeing an increase in sales, how many transactions are taking place daily, are your customers facing issue while trying to place an order, how many customers were faced with failed transaction messages, etc. Analyze how your customers are able to find your service and how many of them are you expecting to visit your site on daily or hourly basis. Are your customers able to navigate around the website through ease? Find out if something is preventing your customers from clicking the add to cart button.

The objective of this would be to remove all the flaws in a website which could obstruct a customer from reaching a payment page where a payment gateway integration is going to take place for a faster checkout. Once this is done, analyzed, documented and saved we know exactly what we need from the best payment gateway services as many companies portray.

Payment gateways provide services such as annual maintenance, international payment, EMI, VISA, 24/7 support, split payment, NEFT/RTGS, multi currency gateway, fast checkout, auto pay, IVR, etc. customized services is also available depending on the company who you’re requesting. Due to increase in demand, certain payment gateway providers have a fee for every transaction taking place in your website or some may charge you every month. This place a crucial factor in choosing the best payment gateway services for ex: - when you have less customers it is better to pay per transaction and when the sales have increased opt for the monthly fee. I would suggest choosing a gateway which has many services for you may never know when your product popularity might increase and which allows you to upgrade your gateway fee.

Here are a few payment gateway providers offering top of the line services -

  1. CCAvenue
  2. Citrus Pay

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